Biontology: the new frontier of beauty and wellness

Biontology is a term created by Henri Chenot to study the essence (ontology) of life (bios, in Greek) and its evolution based on a holistic view of the individual. Biontology studies the changes that occur in the body with the passing of time, right from birth through every tage of life.

Biontology is based on a holistic vision of the human body and on the close ties that link the mind, the spirit and the physical body, including its shape and aesthetic appearance

The body throughout its lifetime accumulates damage from living; it is important to maintain the proper functioning of the body’s vital system and remove damage.

Biontology helps us stay young longer and age in the best way by respecting our biological rhythms and adopting a healthy lifestyle

Per conservare l’integrità fino alla vecchiaia e utilizzare al massimo il proprio potenziale energetico

- Henri Chenot -

Stay young and healthy thanks to the Biontology

Biontology describes the concept of optimal health and how to achieve it through a holistic approach. We are in good health when our body, mind and soul work well and harmoniously and transmit us a deep sense of peace and happiness. When this harmony breaks or lacks, our body accumulates damage, toxins built up and our state of health deteriorates. As a result of internal causes, the rate we age biologically is considerably increased. 

Biontology acknowledges that every person has different needs at different times and attempts to analyze the biological changes that occur within the body with the passing of time. Technically, these changes begin at conception but show from gradual changes in physical characteristics later in life. Clinically, they are evident when the body systems are altered in their function. There is not a physical and functional stability of the body at any time. In order to understand and monitor these changes and the associated needs for optimal function, this continuous dynamic transformation of body change and gradual degeneration that occurs with time can be broken down. From an evolution perspective this can be subdivided in plateaus of a continuum that assume to occur every seven years. During these periods reorganization of the body and its functions occurs.

Biontology signalizes the importance to invest in our physical and mental health from the earliest possible age. It proposes that a balanced lifestyle, with good nutritional habits together with sufficient but not surplus energy intake for body needs and increased levels of physical activity are the most powerful tools that we have to date to intervene and delay the aging process and improve our wellbeing and mental alertness in any age. 

Through Biontology and its multi-disciplinary approach Henri Chenot is committed to help people recover their lost personal bal¬ance and to reach their optimum both physically and mentally.

Biontology provides the theoretical and scientific framework upon which the Chenot Method is based.

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