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The Chenot Centres are centres of excellence that offer personalised medical, aesthetic and dietetic treatments and programmes, providing a guarantee of effectiveness, professionalism and quality. In Chenot Wellness Centres you can follow preventive programs and specific treatments aimed at energy recovery, cell regeneration, slimming and rejuvenation, according to a medical-scientific integrated approach.

Located in luxury hotels and resorts, the Chenot Centres have been awarded by the international press with top awards.
Organized into departments within which they operate highly qualified doctors and therapists, they are divided into 3 categories.

Chenot Palace

The Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotels are established in a unique environment where luxury is inextricably joined to a wellness spa and a sophisticated medical clinic, which ensure guests’ complete rest and recovery.
Those facilities are entirely dedicated in providing detoxification and regeneration treatments and programs focusing on the individuals needs.
The check ups and diagnostics are based on factors that influence a person’s mental and physical health in relation to his biological age.
Once acquired a clear view of the person’s state of health and well being, the treatments are applied according to the Chenot Method.

Our Health Wellness Hotels are:

Espace Chenot

The Espace Chenot Health Wellness Spas are cure-based facilities established in luxury Hotels and Resorts where the guests can experience the Chenot powerful cures and personalized treatments, which enable body and mind to reach their optimum energy level.

You can enjoy our Health Wellness Spa at:

Espace Vitalité Chenot

The Espace Vitalité Chenot Wellness Spas, located in spectacular Hotels and Resorts, offer customized long to short-term vitality, beauty, rejuvenation and fitness programs specialized to fight every day fatigue and stress.

You can find our Wellness Spas in: 

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TREATMENTS of beauty & wellness


The Detox Programme works on the principle of organic detoxification: the deep cleansing of the body to free it from the toxins that naturally accumulate, often due to irregular lifestyle and eating habits.

The programme consists of a personalised detox diet and energy, hydro-energy and drainage treatments designed to rebalance the circulation and mental and physical energy flows.

The treatment programmes are drawn up for each individual and are constantly monitored by specialist medical staff.


Recommended for

Anyone with problems of overweight, with all the ensuing consequences, including bad posture, joint pain, poor circulation and heart problems. Anyone who suffers from stress and related disorders, including hypertension, anxiety and depression, skin complaints, cardio-cerebro-vascular and muscular disorders and sexual, digestive and sleep disorders.


The Energetic Programme is ideal for those who need to recharge their batteries and balance their energy levels.

It consists of a personalised nutritional programme incorporating Chenot’s high purity proteins. It offers integrated treatments, including a daily exercise programme with a personal trainer and group exercises.

The treatment programmes are drawn up for each individual and are constantly monitored by specialist medical staff.


Recommended for

Poor eating habits and a lifestyle that does not respect our genetic heritage may affect our health. Prevention aims to reduce these risks.

The treatment is designed for anyone seeking to re-establish good energy and vitality levels, which are often threatened by stress, anxiety, disturbed sleep and poor nutrition. It is also ideal for overweight, tired individuals and those who would like to re-establish a healthy lifestyle.


The regenerating programme fights the aging process that proceeds in a well-defined way and, at the age of 35, its negative effects begin show. It slows down our general metabolism and thus the activity of thyroid hormones. In addition, with increasing age, the production of sex hormones decreases, the digestive system slows down, the body’s tissues dehydrate and the muscles and joints stiffen. The efficiency of the immune system is reduced, and it struggles to recognise infectious agents, reacting only partially to them, thus allowing toxins to accumulate between cells. The Regenerating Anti-aging Programme includes a hormonal analysis for men and women and an examination of body composition, measuring body fat and lean mass and bone density. The detox or energetic diet is designed to suit the needs of each individual. The treatment programmes are drawn up for each individual and are constantly monitored by specialist medical staff.

Recommended for

Today a new science, known as anti-aging medicine, seeks to identify solutions and products that can slow down the aging process and give new youth to the body. This programme is recommended for anyone who wants to be guided through the main concepts of the aging process and those with hormonal imbalances who want to restore their body’s natural balance.

Chenot Centres in the world
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