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Chenot: beauty and wellness in a holistic approach

In Chenot, we have a holistic vision of the body that supports the view of how important is to invest on both our physical and mental health daily, in order to obtain the optimal health in any age, with an active, complete and satisfying social life.

Unfortunately we live in an environment that is continuously changing and which is hostile to life. The environmental pollution, the everyday consumption of processed and non organic food, the lack of physical activity, the work, the stress, the relationships, and above all the unhealthy habits and lifestyle, all together force the body and the mind to constantly battle to adapt to these environmental conditions. As a result with time the body accumulates “toxins” and gradually reduced function and increased body damage settle in. 

In Chenot we recognize all this and the bad impact that it imposes to life, particularly when one carries on living in the same way, doing very little to change. 

The Chenot Method is based on a multidisciplinary approach to our work. Within the Chenot Group we have designed personalized powerful and effective treatments, therapies and products with the intention to detoxify the body and the mind, improve the vitality, the spirit and the wellbeing whilst promoting the beauty and aesthetics in the years to live through a strong healthy body and mind.

In Chenot we apply our fully integrated approach, our powerful treatments, recommendations and re-education from our expert scientific team of doctors, nutritionists and health coaches combined with our guests’ positive attitude towards life and their will power to a healthier lifestyle will ultimately support them to obtain the optimal health and beauty in any age. 

The world of Chenot

  • With over 45 years of experience, the Chenot Group is a leading dynamic company that specializes in preventative and regenerative treatments and products that promote health, healthy living and protect from premature aging
  • The Chenot Method is our core therapeutic approach and combines the principles of traditional Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in medicine and other related health sciences
  • The Chenot Centres are located within carefully selected hotels and resorts that combine luxury accommodation with world-class facilities and the professional care at all levels that makes them so special
  • Chenot Cosmétique develops cosmetic products that deliver innovative skin care treatments with advanced therapeutic properties and regenerating effect

Chenot Group is a leading dynamic company that specialises in preventative and regenerative treatments and products

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