Dominique Chenot

Dominique Chenot, the importance of healthy food

Dominique Chenot is the co-founder of the Chenot Group. 

Born in Algeria in 1952 and moved to France with her family in 1962.

Following classical studies she got her diploma in aesthetics in the early 1980s. 

Concentrati su te stesso e ritrova l'equilibrio perduto

- Dominique Chenot -


Dominique is passionate about healthy eating, and collaborates with nutritionists and recognized chefs to create specific menus and recipes that are an integral part of the Chenot Method’s diet plan.

Dominique Chenot provides training at the Academy of Biontology, delivering seminars, courses and cooking training sessions.


Chenot Group is a leading dynamic company that specialises in preventative and regenerative treatments and products

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