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Espace Vitalitè Chenot - D-Hotel Maris

Your serenity, in peaceful harmony

Immerse in the beauty and peace of a protected environment, surrounded by luxuriant, verdant nature. You can live this dream at the Espace Vitalité  Chenot in the D-Hotel Maris, on the Datça Peninsula in Turkey.

A haven, away from daily stresses and surrounded by magical pine woods, overlooking the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea where it meets the Mediterranean.

Grow young, relax, and detoxify, thanks to personalised programs designed to restore the perfect energy balance.

Our guest’s relaxation and rejuvenation will be enhanced with unique treatments provided by a specialised team of dedicated professionals and therapists.

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Il Gruppo Chenot è una dinamica azienda specializzata in programmi di prevenzione e rigenerazione

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