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Health is not just the absence of disease but a dynamic quality of living. Understanding and promoting our Health Wellness is key to achieving this, writes Dr George Gaitanos.

How long would you like to live? It is a provocative and emotive question. The
idea of living to 100 may be seductive, but not if you spend your last 20 years in poor health. But what if you could live to 120 in full and vital good health, maintaining a fully active life while reducing the risk of ill-health and the onset of agerelated disease?

Our biology is dynamic and our choices in everyday life make an impact, for better or worse. Only 20% of our future health is predetermined by our genetics, meaning that 80% is in our own hands. This seemingly simple statistic is powerful because it shows we have the ability to change the rate at which we are ageing.

It is the influence of lifestyle related factors such as our environment, diet, exercise, drugs, disease, toxin exposure, social connections, and mindset that create the milieu in which our genes operate daily. This cocktail of variables determines the genes’ expression and activity, causing them to turn ‘on’ and ‘off.’ To live better and for longer, we need to assess, prioritise, and integrate our dominant lifestyle inputs with our ability to convert them into Health Wellness outcomes for our body and mind.

The ‘embodied mind’ or ‘embodied cognition’ is the idea that the mind is within the body. Regarding the mind and body as a system where everything is connected, not as separate parts, means that working on the health of the body can help overcome chronic emotional stress.

We can adapt our lifestyles to counteract and even reverse our biological age – the age we are on the inside. We can do this through the choices we make. By developing sustainable and healthy habits, we can often find our intrinsic power to live healthier for longer. Habits are not written in stone, and there is always time to create a revolution. The whole concept of our approach to Health Wellness at Chenot is to take action before something happens.

Today, we live in a world that is very comfortable and protective, but we did not evolve in such conditions. With the advent of industrialisation and technology, humankind was expected to ignore and override the natural rhythms which had dictated our schedules for thousands of years. Our forebears moved from the countryside to cities, extended their working hours and had far less time to spend outside in nature or socialising with loved ones.

Our diets also suffered with the introduction of processed, mass-produced convenience food. As hunter-gatherers genetically primed to be on the lookout for scarce supplies of food, often in extreme temperatures, our new continuous caloric surplus has further compromised our biology. This enormous collective shift in our lifestyle in such a relatively short evolutionary period presents a huge challenge for our genetic makeup.

The Chenot Diet ®

Our genes were programmed thousands of years ago, and remain unchanged, thus they have not adapted to such rapid epochal shifts. Hundreds of generations are required for the body to adapt to a new environment. Today, with this rapid acceleration, our genes continually attempt to reprogramme to this new way of living, but they are not always successful. The body is in a constant battle to adapt and this creates chronic stress, which manifests as inflammation and accelerated ageing.

Ask yourself, is it normal for human beings to constantly think about work, perceiving stress and anxiety as normal feelings, and not treating the soul, the spirit and the physical body with compassion? To sit at a desk for 12 hours, being sleep-deprived,
and staying up late indulging in food and alcohol? To consume social media while being socially isolated? Of course not. People may live longer today, but not to their full potential. They are either on therapeutic medication or acting as caregivers. There are people today who are 40 years old chronologically yet are 60 biologically.

To enjoy Health Wellness you need to strengthen your resilience, either by increasing your body’s tolerance levels or by expanding them to they can accommodate more signals. This is the purpose of Health Wellness – achieving great levels of functionality and resilience, and being adapted to life, as defined by the French physician Georges Canguilhem.

Neurac treatment

We take living for granted and often rely on traditional medical intervention if we are in poor health. Our Health Wellness requires interventions from a lifestyle perspective, in which our efforts are not motivated simply by a desire to avoid disease, but rather by a desire to enhance our life. By recognising this, we determine our own level of optimal functioning, irrespective of our chronological age and condition.

At Chenot, you will embark on a holistic intervention that will reset and rejuvenate you at a cellular and molecular level, synchronising your biology with its natural rhythms and cycles. The intensive programmes we offer will not only promote your health, but will help you gain higher levels of functionality, performance, recovery, and strengthen your resilience to life stressors and disease. During our seven-day programmes, we use a strict protocol – the Chenot Method® – that will help you to achieve this.

The Chenot Method ® works along the principles of hormesis where short, intermittent bursts of specific stressors trigger a cascade of cellular processes which ultimately enhance overall health, slow down or even reverse the ageing process and improve resilience to future stress.

The Chenot Method® deploys the principles of hormesis, a characteristic of many biological processes where short, intermittent bursts of specific stressors trigger a cascade of cellular responses with adaptive and repairing mechanisms. These ultimately enhance your overall health, slow down or even reverse the ageing process and improve your resilience to future stress – both mental and physical. In essence, hormesis works like a vaccine, where a modulated dose of a stressor provokes a defensive, adaptive response within the body.

It all starts with greater self-awareness and commitment to your future health potential. We begin with a process of diagnosis using our Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®, which assess the impact your specific lifestyle is having on your biological age. With the support of our specialised team, the results are used to individualise your programme and uncover the priorities you should focus on, and the adaptations to make when you return to your daily life. In this way, Chenot leads a new direction of precision medicine for your Health Wellness.

We follow protocols in an orchestrated and balanced manner which trigger biological changes that promote your Health Wellness. The precise sequencing, frequency and dose of the treatments is all essential to our Method® in order to activate a rejuvenating cellular response. To name just a few, your body will be exposed to a calorie restricted diet, energetic massages, hot and cold temperatures, low and high concentrations of oxygen, light frequencies and antigravity technology – all backed by science.

With novel mRNA-based molecular tests performed at our in-house state-of-the-art molecular laboratory, we quantify with incredible precision the relative expression of important genes associated with the presence of silent inflammation, oxidative stress, hormonal imbalance, the structural integrity of connective tissue, neuroprotection, and ageing.

Energetic Massage

By performing this specific gene expression analysis, we can achieve a personal
and real-time evaluation of undesired gene activity, and most importantly, monitor the behaviour of these genes before and after the application of lifestyle modifications. In this way, we obtain an accurate picture of gene activity which reveals your epigenetic profile – the barometer of your future health!

The results will unequivocally reveal whether your lifestyle choices are contributing to your healthspan, and highlight the root cause of oncoming issues years before symptoms and the onset of disease, empowering you to take preventative action. This unique real-time picture of your Health Wellness at the molecular level allows you to focus on building resilience and extending your healthspan by preventing the premature onset of the age-related degeneration, reducing the need for medicinal reliance in later life.

Embarking on such a journey to wellness is an intense emotional and physical experience. Though we are taking you out of your comfort zone, we commit to ensuring you feel comfortable and supported, so that you can get the most out this exciting and revelatory journey. In many ways, this connectedness and understanding between humans represents one of the most fundamental medicines – a feeling of purpose, love and happiness.

Ageing is a medical condition. Until the age of around 50, nature protects us from disease because it needs us to produce babies. After this age, our DNA is damaged and our cells are full of toxins, leaving us vulnerable to disease and accelerated ageing. Lifestyle interventions can counteract this process.

Pour induire une purification et une désintoxication profondes du corps afin d’éliminer les toxines, d’augmenter la vitalité, de rétablir les niveaux d’énergie et de rééquilibrer la physiologie.

CHF 5’500

Détendez votre cerveau, revitalisez votre corps – le programme Recover & Energise réduit le stress chronique et la fatigue et rétablit des niveaux d’énergie optimaux.

CHF 6’400

Le programme d’amélioration de la santé le plus intense de Chenot combinant notre détox signature avec un rajeunissement à fort impact pour retarder l’apparition du vieillissement biologique.

CHF 7’100