Join us in an exciting role where you’ll research potential customer contacts and partners, arrange and carry out sales trips, maintain network relationships, and drive strategic sales initiatives within the upscale health and wellness industry. The experience in luxury hotel sales and exceptional communication skills are pivotal for success in this role.


Join us for exciting marketing role where you’ll be responsible for executing targeted marketing campaigns, developing and executing marketing strategies and evaluating their effectiveness. Success in this position requires innovative thinking and a keen understanding of market trends.


Join our Purchasing team for a role where you’ll establish and enforce purchasing policies and procedures, ensuring the best quality products are sourced at competitive prices. Your expertise in vendor management and contract negotiation will be instrumental in driving cost-efficiency across the hotel.

Planning & Reservations

Join our Planning & Reservations team for an engaging role where you’ll assist in guest inquiries, manage spa and medical bookings, and serve as a key point of contact for our guests. Your organisational skills and attention to detail will be essential in maintaining our reservation systems and ensuring a seamless guest experience.


Join our team in a rewarding role where you’ll offer expert medical guidance to our esteemed guests, utilising your skills to diagnose and address their health needs. Proficiency in both English and German, along with a robust medical background, is essential. If you possess over five years of post-medical school experience and have a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare in a spa environment, we welcome your application.


Join our Spa team and contribute your expertise in providing top-notch spa services to our valued guests. If you have a strong commitment to adhering to high-quality standards and possess in-depth knowledge of spa treatments and products, we encourage you to apply.

Human Resources

Join our HR team and play a key role in managing various HR functions to support our hotel’s success. If you have experience in HR management, an understanding of labor regulations, and a commitment to creating a positive work environment, we invite you to apply.


Join our Finance team and contribute your expertise to support our hotel’s success. If you have a background in finance or related disciplines and are committed to ensuring accurate financial reporting, forecasting, and budgeting, we invite you to apply for various positions within our Finance Department.


We invite individuals experienced in the field of housekeeping, particularly within the upscale hotel industry, to join our team. Your commitment, ability to thrive under pressure, and proficiency in either German or English will be valued attributes in this role, where you’ll play a pivotal part in maintaining our guests’ comfort.


We invite you to join our Kitchen team, where you’ll be a vital part of delivering exceptional culinary experiences. Your teamwork, enthusiasm, and ability to excel under pressure will be greatly appreciated in these positions.



We invite you to be part of our dynamic Restaurant team, where your contributions will be essential in providing exceptional service. Your enthusiasm, teamwork, and dedication to supporting your colleagues will be highly valued in these positions.


Front Office

Join our team in a role, where you’ll provide exceptional service to our international guests, ensuring their stay is truly memorable. If you have prior experience in luxury hotel front office operations, proficiency in both German and English (additional languages like Russian, Italian, French, or Arabic are advantageous), and a passion for delivering top-notch service, we encourage you to apply.


Join our IT department and become an integral part of our team dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions within our hotel. Your expertise will be crucial in maintaining our systems, ensuring data security, and keeping up with the latest hotel technology trends. If you possess strong technical proficiency, and a dedication to delivering excellent IT services, we welcome your application.


Join our dynamic Maintenance team where you’ll be responsible for the upkeep of our interior spaces. If you are reliable, flexible, and service-oriented, and possess the necessary qualifications, we welcome you to apply.