The Key to Longevity

The key to healthy ageing? Cellular health. Pioneering Swiss longevity brand Timeline’s co-founder and CEO Dr Chris Rinsch, PhD, and its Chief Medical Officer Dr Anurag Singh MD, PhD, explain why.

How often do you think of the health of your cells? Few of us do, but we should. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, each with its own vitally important role. The heart cells keep our heart beating; brain cells keep our brain working, and skin cells maintain our skin’s integrity. In short, without healthy cells, we cannot have healthy bodies. In order for our cells to do their jobs effectively they need a constant supply of energy. Our mitrochondria are key structures within almost all our cells which generate the energy required to stay healthy and perform optimally. There are a number of strategies which can promote cellular and mitrochondial health. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, manageing stress, and incorporating targeted advanced nutrition interventions can greatly contribute to cellular energy production and, ultimately, improved healthspan and longevity. In this article, we will explore the importance of mitochondrial health, and the role of a novel postbiotic nutrient, Urolithin A, in achieving a healthy gut biome for a long and healthy life.


The health of our mitochondria is vital to our health and longevity. In fact, a decline in mitochondrial function has been recognised as one of the hallmarks of the ageing process. While creating energy is one of the key roles of the mitochondria, this process comes at a cost. Reactive oxygen species are generated as a by-product that can damage cellular components including the mitochondria.


Due to the critical nature of the mitochondria, our bodies have developed a well-conserved recycling process called mitophagy. Damaged mitochondria are selectively targeted to be removed from the cell and the usable components are recycled to make new, healthier mitochondria. Mitophagy acts as a cellular ‘trash removal’ system helping to ensure that only healthy mitochondria are preserved and dysfunctional ones are eliminated. The process of mitophagy slows down with ageing and has also been labelled as a hallmark of the ageing process. There are known interventions that boost mitophagy. Regular exercise and intermittent fasting are two, but more recently, Urolithin A, a molecule metabolised by our gut microbiome, has been discovered and clinically shown to induce mitophagy.


A crucial factor in harnessing the health benefi ts obtained from an optimal and healthy diet is the gut microbiome, a universe of trillions of bacteria that line the human gut and exist in a symbiotic relationship with us. Often, the positive eff ects of certain dietary components on health and longevity are found to be directly linked to the gut microbiota playing a crucial role. Timeline, along with top researchers at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland have discovered that certain compounds derived from plant-based foods could be converted by gut bacteria into Urolithin A, a nutrient with unique properties and potential benefi ts on both cellular and mitochondrial health. After 15 years of research, Timeline launched the fi rst and only clinically studied Urolithin A supplement, Mitopure®. Urolithin A is a postbiotic, which means we don’t get it directly from food. Rather we rely on our gut microbiome to make it from the foods that we eat. In the case of Urolithin A, our gut microbiome makes it after we consume ellagitannins – polyphenols found in pomegranates, nuts, and berries. It is then absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed to diff erent tissues, including mitochondria within cells. What makes Urolithin A unique is its ability to trigger mitophagy, and it is the only nutrient clinically shown to induce mitophagy in humans.


Research on Mitopure has shown promising eff ects in supporting mitochondrial health and combating cellular decline. Multiple randomised clinical studies in older and middle-aged adults have shown that Mitopure® boosts skeletal muscle strength and endurance and can lower infl ammation via improving mitochondrial and cellular health. Additionally, the topical application of Mitopure® can energise our skin cells, helping to combat intrinsic and extrinsic ageing factors. This helps to create more youthfullooking skin with improved collagen production and resilience to UV damage. Even though Urolithin A can be made by our gut microbiome, research has shown that less than 40% of us have the right microbiome balance to do so. And even those who can produce it do so in varying amounts. Mitopure® has been clinically studied and offers a precise dose that is six times what you can get through diet alone.


Scientific discoveries are propelling the advent of safe and advanced nutritional interventions that have a role in extending the human healthspan. Healthcare practitioners and consumers alike are rapidly adopting these new interventions in their daily wellness regimes and this will become a key third pillar to promote human health, in addition to strategies that already exist and are focused on optimal diet and regular exercise. Biohackers across the globe are already including Mitopure in their foundational stacks because they understand the importance of triggering mitophagy. Before adding on other molecules that support energy production and biochemical processes, you need that cellular ‘trash removal’ system to be running optimally. Then you can layer on co-factors and other key nutrients that optimise health and longevity. Timeline off ers high-performance products powered by Mitopure in a precise dose to promote cellular energy production and healthy ageing.