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Chenot Essentials

Pioneering Skincare

Inspired by nature, informed by science, our eco-friendly Chenot Essentials beauty line is the result of the most advanced scientific research into delaying, and even reversing, the skin’s ageing process. Our ground-breaking approach focuses on cellular senescence – one of the 12 hallmarks of ageing – where so-called ‘zombie cells’ damage surrounding skin tissues, triggering the ageing process.

Let Yourself Bloom

Over two years in development, our unique senolytic formula clears away senescent cells and reveals the true biological age of the skin. The Essentials’ hero ingredient is organic Swiss Alpine Rose, a true wonder of nature. Harvested in secluded mountains, this bioactive extract is a powerful natural skin revitaliser.

This advanced ultra-rich cream powered by our revolutionary senolytic formula restructures and regenerates for visible radiance. Active ingredients including baker’s yeast, unicellular microalgae and hyaluronic acid detox, strengthen the skin’s structure and deliver intensive moisture.

Our multi-functional, intensive face serum helps eliminate senescent cells deep within the dermal layers, supporting the skin’s natural renewal process. Along with organic Swiss Alpine Rose extract, powerful active ingredients include retinoid and bakuchiol for smoother, radiant-looking skin.

Revive the delicate eye area to minimise the signs of ageing. The high-performance blend of potent molecules, including organic Swiss Alpine Rose, a patented eye peptide, and caffeine, reduces signs of ageing and dark circles for a youthful appearance.

This nutrient-rich skin-perfecting mask elevates the speed and quality of cellular repair. Its innovative senolytic formula combines organic Swiss Alpine Rose extract, hyaluronic acid, and lactobionic acid to boost the skin’s natural renewal process and restore its microbiome.

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