Longevity starts within the family

If lifestyle is your medicine to live healthily or keep young forever, shouldn’t the quest for longevity start within the family, if not earlier?

The meaning of longevity, though commonplace in today’s vernacular, is often not truly understood until a certain point in life, when faced with functional decline and the onset of chronic age related diseases. At this point you begin searching for ways to restore your youthful vigor. If only you’d known – the longevity hub you really needed membership to is the one you were born with.

Your body houses intricate systems that, when properly maintained, contribute to a longer and healthier life. From resilient organs to adaptive immune responses, your body’s ability to repair, regenerate, and adapt is central to longevity.

Lifestyle choices, the most powerful medicine for maintaining and nurturing this “hub”, are greatly influenced by family and early experiences. It is crucial to consider the role parents play, even before conception, in shaping early environment, genetics, and lifestyle factors such as social connection, nutrition, exercise and stress management. The habits learned as child play a vital role in the proactive pursuit of a vibrant life and prolonged healthspan.

With these foundations in place, you are more likely to remain adaptable to your environment in later years. Instead of focussing on avoiding disease, you can truly enjoy your life if you are fully functional. While biological ageing examines physiological changes, functional ageing provides a more holistic perspective. You may have certain biological markers associated with ageing but still lead an active and fulfilling life if your functional abilities
– strength, memory, cardiovascular fitness – are preserved, meaning a more satisfying and independent lifestyle as you grow older.