The Essential Collection

Redefine your skin with The Essentials Collection, the next generation of Chenot’s superlative skincare products.

At Chenot, we take a holistic approach to Health Wellness and longevity, with every treatment and protocol carefully interconnected. Our exclusive line of professional-grade skincare products is an essential part of our process.

Since the inception of Chenot, our skincare products have been formulated with the finest natural ingredients to be used in our signature spa treatments. The products are available for guests to purchase at each of our properties, enabling them to continue their Chenot experience at home.

Now, after two years of development, our third generation cosmetic line supporting our signature spa treatments is setting a new standard in skincare. Chenot Cosmoceuticals’s The Essentials Collection pushes the boundaries of science and innovation with a pioneering range of products to transform the skin by revealing its biological, rather than its chronological, age.

Taking a unique approach, we focus on cellular senescence – one of the 12 hallmarks of ageing. As we get older, we develop senescent cells – formerly healthy cells which have ceased dividing but resist dying and secrete inflammatory compounds which damage the healthy surrounding cells. Over time, these so-called ‘zombie cells’ accumulate, compromising tissue function and leading to organ damage.

“The skin is the largest organ that we have and it is the mirror of our inner selves” says Michele Gigli, Head of Chenot Products, who was instrumental in developing The Essentials Collection, which will be available at Chenot properties from October this year.

Gigli collaborated with Dr George Gaitanos, Chenot Chief Operating & Scientific Officer, and Mirna Cucchiara, an expert in high-end cosmetics who worked on the original line of luxury Chenot skincare products. The team’s advanced scientific research focussed on identifying bioactive ingredients with senolytic activity in order to develop a ground-breaking formula which would clear away senescent cells, restore tissue and reveal the true biological age of the skin.

The formula’s hero ingredient is organic Swiss Alpine Rose extract, a true wonder of nature obtained from the leaves of the Rhododendron Ferrugineum. The bioactive organic extract revitalises the skin, selectively supporting the clearance of senescent cells in all the dermal layers. This prevents their development and enhances the skin’s natural renewal process to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve epidermal thickness, maintain skin health and restore radiance. The Essentials Collection is suitable for all skin types and consists of a Face Cream, Face Serum, Eye Contour Cream, Face Mask, and Face Cream Men. Each product is formulated with up to 97% natural ingredients and is sold in refillable, recyclable eco-friendly packageing. The ultra rich Face Cream delivers a synergistic blend of scientifically researched potent molecules to eradicate senescent cells and rejuvenate deep layers of the skin. Made with our signature organic Swiss Alpine Rose Extract, Baker’s Yeast, Unicellular Microalgae and Hyaluronic Acid, the cream reduces and prevents wrinkles and visibly improves the skin’s appearance while actively promoting its health.

The Senolytic formula of The Essentials Collection is based on the novel organic Swiss Alpine Rose extract, obtained from the leaves of the Rhododendron Ferrugineum, an iconic Swiss perennial plant which grows wild in the Alps. The leaves of this perennial plant are harvested by a team of organic farmers at precisely the correct time, ensuring their potency and efficacy. They are then macerated to obtain the bioactive organic extract which supports the clearance of senescent cells.

The intensive Face Serum’s blend of potent ingredients, including Retinoid and Bakuchiol, provides intensive hydration to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture and combat the accumulation of sensescent cells. Just a few drops swept over the face morning and evening will deliver powerful results.

Our eyes are one of the first features to show visible signs of ageing. The Eye Contour Cream’s high performance formulation acts to decongest and revive the delicate eye area, nourishing, firming and protecting the skin matrix. Our senolytic formula is enhanced with Caffeine, Eye Peptide and Nutri-Complex to reduce under-eye bags, puffiness and dark circles to promote a radiant, younger looking appearance.

Silky and comforting, the nutrient-rich Face Mask positively influences the speed and quality of cellular turnover, making it a highly effective skin-perfecting treatment. Active ingredients, including Lactobionic Acid and Probiotic Complex, exfoliate, brighten and stimulate cell renewal to further support our senolytic formula for restored radiance and refined skin texture.

Our intensive multi-active Face Cream Men is specially formulated to stimulate all the skin’s vital functions in one simple step. Our signature senolytic formula is enriched with natural ingredients including Baker’s Yeast to strengthen the interconnectivity of the skin’s vascular and immune systems, and anti-oxidant Purslane to provide protection against free-radical damage. Lines, wrinkles and dullness are visibly reduced for a youthful, energised complexion.