Henri Chenot

The founding father of the wellness movement

Chenot’s story started 50 years ago and evolved around Henri’s vision of challenging and reframing accepted and outdated philosophies about the ageing process.

As an advocate of prevention rather than cure, Henri emphasised the importance of caring for and investing in our health from the earliest possible age. Henri was early to see that we are in optimum health when our body, mind and spirit work in harmony and transmit a deep sense of happiness. When this harmony breaks or is lacking, our body accumulates damage faster than it should, toxins build up and our health deteriorates.

Henri was the first to integrate health into wellness with a meaning of energy, efficiency, performance and vitality. Regarded as the founding father of the wellness movement, Henri Chenot’s combination of Western and Traditional Chinese medicine was revolutionary. This led to the development of the Chenot Method® of resetting the physiology of the body through detox treatments, which is now implemented in our Chenot Palaces as the core therapeutic approach.

Henri passed away in December 2020.

Dominique Chenot

Acclaimed author and co-founder of Chenot

Dominique Chenot, Henri’s wife, co-founded the Chenot Group. Author of recipe book ‘Buono Bello e Sano’, Dominique has made invaluable contributions to the development of the Chenot Diet® and its menus over the last 50 years, inspired by only the finest carefully selected ingredients from all over the world.

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