How long does it take to detox your body? 

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Detoxification is the physiological process by which our bodies remove toxins and chemicals that build up from routine. Our bodies can get rid of toxins in different ways through internal organs and metabolic processes: the liver, the kidneys, the intestine, the lymphatic glands, sweat and respiration. How long does it take to reset your body, and what are the main processes in action when that happens?

What are the best ways to detox your body? 


What kind of toxins can we encounter in nature and in the human body? Which ones tend to accumulate in our bodies more, and—most importantly—how do we ensure we can wash them out and stay healthy?

12 Hallmarks of Ageing


Ageing is a natural and progressive process which occurs in all living organisms. It is a multifactorial process, characterised by the deterioration of structure and functional capacities at the molecular, cellular, tissue and organismal levels. With ageing comes fragility and, as a consequence, an individuals’ susceptibility to both age-related disease and a reduced lifespan increases. However, it is possible to slow down, stop or even reverse the ageing process and improve our health-span.

Designing Spaces That Make You Feel Good


As the award-winning architect behind Chenot Palace Weggis, Davide Macullo understands architecture’s ability to influence wellbeing. He discusses the importance of regenerative design and the future of architecture.

The Art of Qigong


If you practice Qigong the only constant will be your transformation, writes internationally renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist Dr Igor Mićunović.

What is a detox? 

When you Google the word detox, the result can be quite daunting. Not only will you get 543,000,000 results—but if you click through a couple of them, the outcome can be contradictory at best. 

Detox can mean different things to different people. And there are countless programs, diets, and interventions to choose from. So, what exactly is a detox?