Chenot Palace Weggis

Frequently Asked Questions


The reservation can be canceled at no additional charge up to 7 days before arrival. For cancellations made within this 7 day window, the fee will be 50% of the total price (programme and room). If the stay is shortened due a late arrival or early departure, 100% of the total price (programme and room) will be charged.

The access to Chenot Palace Weggis is granted exclusively to the guests following the Chenot programme. Any other overnight stays with a different purpose rather than following a programme and of a shorter length than seven nights are not permitted.

Our seven night programme has been designed and set accordingly to ensure your body has been provided with the minimum optimal time required to effectively adjust, detoxify and reset. Shortening the stay is not advisable as doing so will not provide the same level of impact based on the current scientific research. 

In order to fully benefit from the detox, we require your body to be completely relaxed. It is for this reason that we do not schedule any treatments on both your arrival and departure day.

You can book a longer programme for up to 14 nights. If you desire an extended stay, we can initially book a programme for 14 nights. Following a medical consultation in the middle of your stay, a decision between you and your consulting doctor can be made regarding the possibility of extending your stay even further.

Babies/Kids up to 10 years can stay at Chenot Palace Weggis only with a nanny. Any meals outside of the Chenot detox diet must be served in the room. Food and Beverages will be charged à la Carte. The nanny bears full responsibility and must always look after the children. Ball games or noise- generating games and computers are not allowed. On request, we can arrange professional services for outdoor activities. In existing bedding (to a maximum of 2 people in the room), children are free of charge. In case of triple occupancy, an extra bed is mandatory. A daily charge of 150 CHF will be applied from 4 years old. View our Children Policy.

Anyone from the age of 16 to 18 will be able to follow our programmes as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The only pets allowed at Chenot Palace Weggis are dogs. To ensure a maximum standard of hygiene and not to affect guests who may be allergic to animal hair, the following rules apply when bringing a dog with you: -We have allocated rooms where dogs are allowed. The assigned rooms have direct meadow access and are without carpets. These rooms belong to the Classic Room category (size 53sqm; 1st floor in La Grande Maison) -Only one dog per room is permitted -We allow only small dogs (max. 30 cm i.e. Fox Terrier, Small Maltese, Chihuahua) -During the day, dogs must be taken care of by the owner. The hotel can offer a Dog Walking service (maximum of three 15 minute walks per day, subject to availability) for a daily charge of CHF 40.- -Dogs must be able to stay alone & quiet in the room, to avoid any disturbance to other guests -Cleaning time, and any other Housekeeping Team entry requirements, will be discussed upon Arrival -In public areas, dogs must always be kept on a leash -Dogs are restricted to enter the following areas: Restaurant, Tea Lounge, Spa and Medical department, treatment rooms, pool area, and the beach -A dog is subject to an additional fee of CHF 50 per day (excl. food) Should any damage or soiling occur in the property caused by the dog, we reserve the right to charge costs for repair and/ or final cleaning.

The programme is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers due to its strict low-calorie diet regimen. Pregnant or breastfeeding women require a balanced diet comprising all food groups and essential nutrients to meet their caloric needs adequately.

While we may make modifications to the programme, including treatments and diet, to accommodate breastfeeding, it’s essential to recognise that the complete Chenot method experience may not be fully realised in such instances.

The programme must be selected before the arrival. If guests are uncertain about which programme to choose, we suggest opting for the Advanced Detox program, our foundational option that encompasses signature detoxifying diet and treatments. Following the medical consultation, adjustments can be made to the programme based on the guest’s specific needs, and additional treatments can be added á la carte as necessary.

Our seven night programme is the result of extensive research and our holistic approach to wellbeing. It is designed to provide the optimal time for your body to adjust, detoxify and reset effectively. This means that individual treatments can be performed only when following a valid programme.

Our programmes are fully personalisable. We advise you to discuss any extra treatments directly with your consulting doctor on your first medical consultation.

Admittance to Chenot Palace Weggis is exclusively reserved for guests participating in the Chenot Programme with a valid reservation. Overnight stays unrelated to the programme and lasting fewer than 7 nights are not allowed. In order to safeguard the privacy of our guests, the reception of temporary external visitors is restricted to designated public areas, such as the lobby or tea lounge.

Treatments included in the programme are non-refundable unless agreed with your consulting doctor in case of any medical reasons.

As per our policy, to guarantee your booking you will need to settle the payment within the terms stated on your reservation confirmation. This will also allow our planning department to start working on your schedule. It is important to note that reservations with no prepayment are subject to cancellation.

Chenot Palace Weggis is an exclusive property where our guests experience a full immersion into our programmes to achieve optimal results. Chenot Espaces and Spas can also accommodate guests whose main goal is not necessarily to follow our health wellness programmes;  therefore, shorter programmes are available.

Our cosy Nest rooms are designed to accommodate a maximum of one guest at a time. For a double occupancy, we recommend rooms starting from the “Classic” category.

Arrival at Chenot

There is no set check in day. Our guests can check in any day of the week including weekends, from 3 PM onwards.

By flight to Zürich International airport. Transfer services should be booked in advance. By boat from Lucerne to Weggis. A free shuttle service can be arranged upon request and availability. By car following the highway A4, direction Luzern > Küssnacht am Rigi > Weggis. By train to Küssnacht am Rigi. A free shuttle service can be arranged upon request and availability.

In approximately 45 minutes away from the International Airport of Zürich you will reach Weggis, the serene town on the shore of lake Lucerne, where Chenot Palace Weggis is located.

From Zurich or Basel airports pick-ups or other long-distance destinations, you are welcome to book our transfer or limousine service. For your convenience, you may simply click on “Request Transfer” in your booking confirmation email and submit your request.

Please kindly note the check-in (15:00) & check-out (12:00) times. In case of any changes, please contact our Reception Team, who will assist with luggage storage, while your room is being prepared at the best possible convenience. Early check-in or later check-out is possible only in case of the availability of the assigned rooms and may be subject to additional charges.

On the arrival day you will start your programme with the detox dinner. No other treatments or consultations are planned until the following day.

Your Stay

The dress code for most of the treatments is a Chenot bathrobe and slippers, provided in your room, which can be worn in the daytime (including breakfast and lunch). Some treatments require sportswear. For dinner, the dress code is sport/smart casual.

The access to the Chenot Palace Weggis is granted exclusively to the guests following the Chenot Programme and having a valid reservation. Any other overnight stays with a different purpose, rather than following a programme and of a shorter length than 7 nights, are not permitted. To protect the privacy of our guests, the reception of temporary, external visitors is only permitted in selected public areas, such as the lobby or tea lounge.

Our team is international, for this reason the “official language” at Chenot Palace Weggis is English. If needed, we will be able to arrange a translation service for your consultations. Additional fees may apply.

For any questions regarding changes of appointments, guests can approach our SPA reception team.

Upon availability we can indeed accommodate the wish to be with a specific doctor/specialist.

To fully achieve all the benefits of the detox programme and a completely relaxing stay for all our guests, we kindly inform you that we have implemented “Phone Free Zones”. These are Restaurant, SPA, Medical Areas, Hammam, Sauna & Pool.

We provide our guests with the opportunity to sign up for our daily and free-of-charge group activities including yoga, aqua therapy and stretching. Kindly request the updated activities schedule to our SPA reception team.

At Chenot Palace Weggis, we encourage our guests to explore the stunning surroundings and take advantage of the beautiful natural landscapes. You’re welcome to go outside our property and enjoy a light hike in the picturesque neighborhood or enjoy a leisurely walk to the charming town of Weggis. Our retreat is nestled in a truly idyllic location, surrounded by nature, and offering breathtaking lake and mountain views.

We have two parking areas, indoors and outdoors. As spaces are limited, kindly inform us at your earliest convenience should you require one. For electric vehicles, charging stations are also available.

Chenot Method ®

The Chenot Method® is our practical framework for resetting and promoting health. In short, it is designed to enable you to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. Centered around the concept of detoxification, our goal is to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair and rejuvenate from within, future proofing it from age-related diseases. Read more on our website. Watch the video of Dr. Gaitanos, the Scientific and Operations Director at Chenot, explaining the Chenot Diet®: Behind-the-Science. 

Detoxification plays a pivotal role in health promotion by facilitating the elimination of accumulated toxins and waste from the body. By stimulating autophagy, a natural cleaning out process initiated when cells are stressed or deprived of nutrients, the body starts to break down and reuse old cell parts to allow and optimize cell performance. Ultimately, inflammation is therefore reduced and improvements are made but not limited to,  organ functionality, physical and mental wellbeing, digestion, energy levels and immunity.

The Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® are a monitoring system which enables us to assess how well a client is ageing and how the ageing process is impacted by their lifestyle. There are 14 in total and they are all non-invasive, with the exception of our epigenetic testing – the Chenot Molecular Lab – which uses a blood test. We can measure everything from skin collagen thickness to accumulation of AGEs and heavy metal toxicity. Each of our programmes includes the measurement of 4 biomarkers: Vascular Age Assessment, Minerals and Heavy Metals Intoxication Analysis, Measurement of Advanced Glycation End Product AGEs and Skin Collagen Thickness Assessment. Additional testing of other biomarkers can be offered on a chargeable basis and added to the programme as per your preference.
It is an intervention in your programme which is specially formulated to support the self-healing mechanisms of the body, cleanse the body at a cellular level, facilitate metabolic balance, restore the biorhythm, harmonize the hormones, equilibrate the gut flora and create fresh energy and new cells, that keeps us biologically young. Read more on our website. Watch the video of Dr. Gaitanos, the Scientific and Operations Director at Chenot, explaining the Chenot Diet®: Behind-the-Science. Find the answers to the frequently asked questions about the Chenot Diet®: Chenot Diet® Overview & FAQs.
Caffeine acts as a stimulant, a vasoconstrictor, and a promoter of a stress response, hindering optimal relaxation. It has been found to limit the absorption of nutrients from food, while we would like to maximize the nutritional content. As we focus on practicing mindful eating, caffeine may numb the perception of taste through receptor binding capacity, a vital sensor for engaging with food. At Chenot you will have the chance to enjoy our coffee alternatives made out of barley or chicory.

All guests need to follow the Chenot diet. It is important to note that the weight lost during the week is merely liquid (no fat nor muscle mass) and it will most likely be regained once the guests get back to their usual lifestyle. However for any concerns regarding our diet the guest can refer to their consulting doctor and nutritionist that will follow them throughout the whole week.

It is important to note that our programmes focus on the detoxification of the body more than weight loss. However, through the combination of the treatments included in your programme, as well as some extra ones and physical activity you will be able to lose more weight.

While detoxification can offer numerous health benefits, it’s important to be aware that it may also cause temporary side effects as your body adjusts to the changes. Some common side effects of detox programmes include: -Fatigue: Initially, you may experience fatigue as your body expends energy to eliminate toxins and adapt to dietary changes. -Headaches: Detoxification can trigger headaches due to caffeine withdrawal, dehydration, or the shift in metabolic processes where the  fatty acids and certain ketogenic amino acids are broken down to derive energy. -Digestive issues: Changes in diet and increased intake of fiber-rich foods can lead to digestive discomfort, bloating, or diarrhea. Constipation may also occur due to reduce food intake. -Mood swings: Fluctuations in blood sugar levels, hormonal changes, or withdrawal from certain substances like caffeine or sugar may affect mood stability. -Flu-like symptoms: Some people may experience symptoms resembling a mild flu, including body aches, chills, or congestion, as the body detoxifies and releases stored toxins. Rest, frequent hydration, providing salt with the meals, and supplementation of  electrolytes prescribed by the medical team, can help minimise side effects while supporting your body’s detoxification process.

With the help of suction cups, the energetic massage is aimed to activate meridians and re-energise the body. Any other massages can be introduced into the programme while still performing the energetic one on a daily basis.

A couple of days prior to your check-in date we recommend you to reduce your food portions, as well as your protein and coffee intake. This is not mandatory but advisable.

During your last nutritional consultation, you will be provided with useful information and recommendations to return to a normal lifestyle. Also, for any further questions after your check out, you may request your consulting doctor and nutritionist’s contact details.

Each programme includes the Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®. These are a series of non-invasive tests that provide you with a vitality score, an indication of your current rate of biological ageing. However, further diagnostics, such as blood tests, can still be performed based on your consulting doctor’s recommendation.

With the Chenot Method® we are trying to challenge the body and put it in a very high sympathetic activity. We then make the body relax in order for it to be able to recover from the stress we have given. Just like the theory of hormesis, we give the body small quantities of stress to then receive a great amount of beneficial effects.

Yes, each programme features the Chenot Detox diet. No diets other than the Chenot Detox one can be followed during your stay.

The molecular lab is a revolutionary new approach that utilises epigenetic technology to analyse gene activity, determine biological ageing status and prescribe a personalised treatment plan to optimise wellbeing and health. With this test we are able to identify any possible “silent inflammations”, also known as diseases that linger for months or even years throughout the body without any visible manifestations. Read more in our brochure.

The checkup starts with the Resonance Analysis Technology which provides information about the energetic state of vital organs and the body’s functions, in relation to defined parameters of health. Once your Bio-Energetic doctor has an insight into your needs, a personalised acupuncture treatment will be performed.

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