The Chenot Method® is our practical framework for resetting and promoting health. In short, it is designed to enable you to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. Centred around the concept of detoxification, our goal is to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair and rejuvenate from within, futureproofing it from age-related diseases and restoring it to a state of youthful vigour and functionality.

A Scientific and Practical Framework

Chenot’s Chief Operating and Scientific Officer, Dr. George Gaitanos explains the Chenot Method®, our world-renowned protocol for optimising your health, resetting – or even reversing – biological age.

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Optimise Your Health

At Chenot, we do not treat disease. Instead, we address the root cause: ageing. We regard ageing as a medical condition, and our goal is to support your own body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair and rejuvenate from within, extending your health span and futureproofing against age-related diseases.

Replenish Lost Energy

Think of each of your cells as a battery. With time they become rusty and lose energy. They accumulate damage and lose their ability to recharge. The Chenot Method® has been designed to clean the batteries and replenish lost energy, helping you strengthen your resilience and gain higher levels of functionality.

Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®

80% of your health is influenced by your lifestyle, and only 20% is predetermined by your genes. Our unique advanced diagnostics, the Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®, act as a monitoring system to measure the impact of lifestyle on your health wellness and ageing process, The results from these diagnostics can be used to personalise your treatment programme and help you establish health promoting habits at home.

Provoke Adaptive Responses

Hormesis is central to the Chenot Method®. Its unique application integrates and transmits signals of controlled stress to the body. The activation of energy channels, stimulation of physiological functions, detoxification techniques and diet plan combine to act as positive stressors to trigger preventive, repairing and regenerative actions. The body, in turn, responds by building up its biological internal medicine and regains energy, functional capacity and inner harmony.

Personalised treatment plan

The specific timing, sequencing, dose, intensity and frequency of the treatments is personalised and designed to trigger the body’s rejuvenating actions. As a result, the body is tricked out of its comfort zone, resetting cellular fitness and becoming more adaptable to change and resilient to stress.

The Chenot Diet®

The science of ageing has highlighted the benefits of periodic calorie restriction to optimise health. It can help facilitate self-healing mechanisms of the body, cleanse the body at the cellular level and create new cells that keep us biologically young.

Edible Science

Informed by over half a century of ongoing evidence-based research and created by our talented team of chefs and nutritional scientists, the Chenot Diet® delivers 850 calories across three meals a day for seven days.

Plant-based Dietary Intervention

The Chenot Diet® supports the body’s natural detoxification processes and provokes a metabolic and hormonal reset without compromising on taste.

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