Giving vitality to life

Chenot is a privately held company operating internationally and based in Switzerland. For almost 50 years, it has been specialising in the health wellness and hospitality sector providing and developing medical spa programmes, treatments, cosmetic products and food supplements that promote healthy living, wellness and successful ageing.

Chenot has created a spa business model that is applied to three types of Chenot Centres, namely the Chenot Palace, the Espace Chenot, and the Espace Vitalité. These centres differ according to the level of services and treatments which they offer as well as the structural organisation they possess.

The core approach to Health Wellness in all Chenot Centres is based on the Chenot Method® treatments and protocols that, in synergy with the Chenot diet, stimulate the body and mind to detoxify and reset the bodily functions.

Leveraging its philosophy and scientific background, Chenot has developed an exceptional portfolio of skincare products and food supplements. These products are used in the Chenot Method® treatments offering high-performance results.