About Chenot

For over half a century, Chenot has pushed new frontiers in the wellness industry. By redefining conventional thinking on ageing and pioneering the world’s leading health wellness retreats, programmes and products, we help our clients proactively promote and optimise their health span.

Always the Pioneer

From Henri Chenot’s first application of the Chenot Method® at the inaugural Espace Henri Chenot at the General Hospital in Cannes in 1974, Chenot has empowered generations of people to live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives. Today, under the leadership of Dr. George Gaitanos, Chenot continues to share a bold vision of the human potential for optimal health.

The Chenot Method®

Harnessing 50 years of science and innovation, the Chenot Method® is the practical framework of our programmes. Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with precision medicine, our method uses state-of-the-art diagnostics, highly personalised treatments and detoxification techniques to reset the body at the cellular level.

Chenot Diet®

Created by a team of talented chefs and nutritional scientists, the Chenot Diet® is where haute gastronomy meets cutting-edge science. Informed by decades of research, this plant-based, fast mimicking diet is an integral part of the Chenot Method®. Launching in October 2023, our new ‘Detox at Home’ Cookbook promotes healthy ageing at home.