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For half a century, the Chenot Method® has pioneered evidence-based health wellness, expertly combining the advances of modern science with the ancient learnings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This deep knowledge of precious natural remedies has resulted in the Chenot Diététique line of herbal teas, formulated to support body and mind.

Perfect Balance

Our research has produced a collection of seven expertly blended, delicately flavoured plant infusions with proven health benefits, helping the body to achieve and maintain equilibrium. The Chenot Diététique herbal teas blend the highest quality herbs, spices, fruit, roots and flowers, harvested at the optimum time to ensure maximum efficacy.

Choose Your Ritual

For everyday refreshment, choose General Wellbeing, and our Daily Detox to support your cleansing processes. Our Liver Health blend is a protective tonic, while Calm & Relax reduces tension. Choose Diuretic Plus to reduce water retention, and Bowel Aid to stimulate your digestive function. Alleviate fatigue with the Metabolic Booster.

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