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We believe growing older is not synonymous with a decline in health. By recognising the impact of lifestyle choices, you can shift lanes at any point to slow down the ageing process. You have the potential to reach the age of 120 and still be fully active.

Ageing is a medical condition

Since 1970 Chenot has empowered thousands of people to make meaningful change and optimise their health, slow down or even reverse biological ageing. Chief Operating and Scientific Officer, Dr. George Gaitanos explains the pioneering Chenot Method®, and how the treatments work in synergy with the Chenot Diet®.

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Chenot’s Inspiring World of Health Wellness

Our approach is driven by innovation, technology and science, combining precision medicine, traditional Chinese healing, luxury hospitality and absolute authenticity. Chenot creates the world’s leading wellness centres, award-winning health wellness programmes, evidence-based treatments and transformative products – all designed to empower people to live longer, healthier lives.

Chenot Products -Chenot Herbal Teas for wellness

Chenot Products are designed to enhance the results of the Chenot treatments and support healthy habits and successful ageing beyond the walls of our retreats. The lines include Chenot Cosmeceuticals, Chenot Herbal Teas and the ‘Detox at Home’ Cookbook.

Chenot Products