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Chenot at Home

Bring the inspiring world of Chenot home with our exclusive, evidence-based products. From revolutionary skincare formulated using the latest scientific research, through to our new Chenot Cookbook – ‘Detox at Home’ – informed by the principles of the Chenot Diet®, and our expertly blended Chenot herbal teas, our holistic products will support your health wellness every day.

Our pioneering science-backed skincare collection aims to delay – and even reverse – the skin’s ageing process. The Essentials’ unique senolytic formula harnesses organic Swiss Alpine Rose extract to selectively support the clearance of senescent cells, one of the 12 hallmarks of ageing.

Our holistic approach to health wellness requires customised skincare regimes. Our expertly developed professional-grade products are each used as part of Chenot Programmes and treatments, and are available to purchase at all of our resorts, empowering you to continue anti-ageing routines at home.

Discover Chenot Diététique, our collection of expertly blended herbal teas formulated to support body and mind. Using the highest quality herbs, spices, fruit, roots and flowers, harvested at their peak, each infusion has proven health benefits.

The Chenot Diet® is the cornerstone of the Chenot Method®. In our new ‘Detox at Home’ Cookbook launching in November 2023, we share delicious recipes created by our talented team of chefs, and nutritional scientists, that can be woven individually into a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your own home.