Chenot Business Development


As a family of medical wellness specialists and passionate hoteliers, we offer a unique opportunity to be part of the world’s most coveted health wellness destinations and products.

After more than 50 years as a pioneering brand and world-leading operator in the wellness industry, Chenot Group has a portfolio of health wellness retreats and spas across the world. Our three brands – Chenot Palace, Chenot Espace and Chenot Spa – are strategically positioned to address different customer typologies and levels of desired wellness immersion.

In recent years, Chenot has developed product lines to support a healthy lifestyle and successful ageing beyond the walls of its retreats including Chenot Cosmeceuticals, Chenot Teas and soon to be released ‘Detox at Home’ Cookbook.

Chenot Business Development Department is in charge of growing the presence of the Chenot Group, its retreats and products in key markets around the world. Our goal is to develop successful partnerships and sustainable growth with strategic investors and partners.

We’re selective, considered and utterly exclusive in our choices for any future Chenot locations, whether it is through investment for an iconic stand-alone development, management contracts with leading hotel and resort operators and branded residential schemes.

The pinnacle of the Chenot experience, Chenot Palaces showcase the ambitions of the Group.

State-of-the-art health wellness retreats, Chenot Palaces are home to the Chenot Method® and dedicated to unlocking human potential and longevity at any age. Comprising medical spas, award-winning detox programmes that last a minimum of one-week; cutting-edge treatments, a compassionate team of medical wellness experts and superlative hospitality, Chenot Palaces are fully immersive destinations with the goal of resetting and rejuvenating the body at cellular level.

Chenot Palace Weggis _ Lady by the lake

Housed within the world’s leading hotels and resorts, Chenot Espace health wellness spas recharge vitality.

With Chenot’s medical wellness at the heart of the experience, Chenot Espace offers a more flexible approach to the Chenot Method® enabling you to restore vitality in leisure and family-oriented surroundings. Shorter programmes and a menu of individual treatments offer the opportunity to restore balance, develop fitness or simply unwind around family or relaxation time.

A nurturing introduction to health wellness, Chenot Spas revitalise mind, body and spirit.

Collaborating with the world’s leading hotel and resort operators, Chenot Spas are woven into the setting of the destination with offerings designed to be easily enjoyed as part of a holiday. With Chenot’s holistic approach to wellness at its core, individual treatments and day spa packages rebalance the body’s physiology and restore the spirit.


From Henri Chenot’s first application of the Chenot Method® at the inaugural Espace Henri Chenot at the General Hospital in Cannes in 1974, Chenot has empowered generations of people to live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives. Today, under the leadership of Dr. George Gaitanos, Chenot continues to share a bold vision of the human potential for optimal health.


We are proud to work with the world’s leading hospitality brands.