Prevention & Ageing Well

Self-Optimisation Begins by Acting Today to Preserve Tomorrow

The Prevention & Ageing Well programme aims to proactively strengthen your body and improve its resilience to lifestyle challenges, instead of focusing on outmoded ‘sickness and repair’. When provided with the right amount and type of healthy signals, your body has an amazing ability to improve its functionality and performance at any age – both mentally and physically.

1. Recover Strength And Resilience

2. Restore Tissue And Organ Systems

3. Reverse Lifestyle Ageing


Minimum Night Stay

Each wellness programme is designed to achieve optimum results in only one-week.


Kcal per day

The Chenot Diet® “fast with food” approach consists of three appetising, plant-based meals per day.


Diagnostics & Treatments

Our Chenot medical professionals tailor each programme to every guest’s exact needs.

Prevention & Ageing Well

Built on the pillar detox treatments of the Advanced Detox, the Prevention & Ageing Well programme is customised with the addition of clinically-proven treatments, including exposure to cold and light therapies; challenging the body through hypoxia and neuromuscular stimulation.

CHF 7’100

Programme Inclusions

CHF 7’100

Tailored treatments and a team of world-class professionals’ work in synergy to lead you to attain and maintain a state of wellness in your life for the years to come.
A medical doctor will review your current health status and medical history, discuss your personal goals and prescribe all the necessary treatments to detoxify your body and promote your health span and wellbeing. At the end of your programme our expert team of doctors will provide you with all the required lifestyle modifications to reach optimum health.
Based on anthropometric, metabolic and diet related data, one of our dieticians will determine your nutritional status through an in-depth analysis of your daily diet needs. Any nutritional deficiencies in your diet will be highlighted to help restore your overall health and wellbeing.
An essential component of the Chenot Method®, the Chenot Diet® is a pivotal intervention in your programme. Consisting of three appetising, reduced-calorie and plant-based meals a day, each meal is precisely formulated to combine good fats, low glycaemic index carbohydrates and limited amounts of plant proteins; this triggers the body’s fasting response whilst providing ample nourishment to the cells.
The Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® provide you with a vitality score, an indication of your current rate of biological ageing. Diagnostics include: Vascular Age Assessment, Minerals and Heavy Metals Intoxication Analysis, Measurement of Advanced Glycation End Product AGEs and Skin Collagen Thickness Assessment.
Providing a snapshot of your health, we analyse what your body is made of, differentiating between visceral and subcutaneous fat, proteins, minerals, muscle and water. Understanding this baseline data, we can recommend nutritional plans and prescribe relevant treatments for both short-term and long-term health concerns.
A sophisticated exercise test that analyses breath-by-breath how well the heart, arteries, veins and lungs are able to work together to transport oxygen to the muscles. The results provide useful information about your physiological response to exercise and identify any possible risk factors associated with your health status. A personalised fitness training programmes is then prescribed to improve health, fitness levels and weight loss, if necessary.
This test assesses the curvatures of the vertebral column (spine), the mobility of the joints and the weak links in the muscle chains. In time all these factors can lead to altered activity of the entire locomotive system and if left untreated as we age, it can lead to postural deformity, loss of physical performance, reduced active life and pain.
Digital infrared thermal imaging is a non-invasive, radiation-free diagnostic technique that maps the body temperature. This visualisation identifies areas of inflammation which could be associated with health conditions and physical injuries to the soft tissue.
Using Resonance Analysis Technology, our state-of-the-art bio-energetic screening provides information about the energetic state of vital organs and the body’s functions, in relation to defined parameters of health. Gaining insight into your needs, an effective personalised treatment plan is prescribed to restore the energy balance of the body.
Personalised, bioenergetic signals are transmitted through laser conductivity points on the body to assist the restoration of its energetic balance. These treatments also offer a non-invasive cellular stimulation that promotes cellular rejuvenation processes.
These daily treatments aim to relieve and clear energy flow in the meridians, in turn re-energising the body. The use of ‘cupping’ stimulates the vagus nerve, re-equilibrates the energetic circulation and lymphatic system and improves blood circulation, promoting an extraordinary sense of wellbeing.
Using the very best essential oils, personalised ‘Chenot Elixirs’, are added to the bath water during the Hydro Massage. The variations in the water temperature and pressure, combined with the thermodynamic effect of plant extracts, cause the dilation and constriction of the capillaries. This action stimulates natural physiological functions to remove toxins and fat deposits from the skin tissue. It also combats the effects of skin ageing by favouring spontaneous cell regeneration, improving skin appearance and its overall peripheral blood and lymphatic circulation.
The second step of Chenot’s hydro-energetic treatment involves the application of a white and green clay body wrap, enriched with minerals, microalgae and pure essential oils. The combined effect of essential oils and minerals further drains, detoxifies and revitalises the body depending on the application time, helping to eliminate physical muscular and psychological stress tension.
In the final hydro-energetic treatment, a pressure-jet adds a powerful cooling action to the thermal stimulus, tones and firms the skin, and improves peripheral circulation to restore energy.
This is an effective treatment method for musculoskeletal pain and neuromuscular dysfunction by improving proprioception. Functional therapeutic exercises conducted in a suspension sling aims to improve physical functioning and restore pain-free movement patterns. Weaknesses and imbalances between muscles are corrected. Often immediate pain relief and improved function can be achieved.
The altitude chamber simulates an elevation of up to 3,000 metres above sea level by reducing available oxygen levels. Exercising in these conditions advances the body’s aerobic metabolism allowing for more efficient use of oxygen for energy production. This improves endurance, speed, power and fitness levels and optimises metabolism for weight loss.
Not only a highly effective treatment for the reduction of chronic-inflammatory diseases, cryotherapy also benefits psychological enlightenment, performance and recovery, sleep and pain relief. Under medical supervision, the whole-body is progressively exposed at minus -110°C in the cold chamber for a maximum of 3 minutes.
Working with one of Chenot’s dedicated sports and fitness professionals, a personalised fitness training programme is prescribed to improve health, fitness levels and weight loss, if necessary. Training sessions can include our state-of-the-art exercise facilities, aqua therapy in our 20-metre indoor pool, yoga studio and Body Balance routines depending on client’s needs and ambitions.

Prevention & Ageing Well

By taking a lifestyle evaluation using state-of-the-art diagnostics, specialised medical professionals assess the current potential of your body and optimise the treatments to your individual needs.
CHF 7’100