Doctor Consultation

Medical department

Informed by science, our medical consultations and in-house advanced diagnostics are carried out to assess the impact of your lifestyle and personalise your programme to unlock your maximum health wellness potential. Treatments are continuously monitored and adjusted according to your progress by our medical team of highly qualified international doctors and specialists.


Our state-of-the-art diagnostics and tailored treatments are designed to enhance performance and restore functionality to the greatest extent possible. Evidence-based results guide you on a routine to follow at home to maximise your potential and add life and vitality for the years to come.

Chenot Espace L'Albereta - Advanced Detox - Human Performance
Chenot - Hydrotherapy Department


A fundamental part of all programmes, Chenot’s signature treatments use alternating water pressure, water massage, mud wraps and temperature to improve the peripheral blood and lymphatic circulation in the body, nourish the cells, eliminate toxins and fat deposits, reduce muscular tensions and purify the skin.


A core pillar of the Chenot Method®, our aesthetic treatments restore the energy balance in your body according to the healing principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our signature massage therapies and cupping techniques generate deep healing frequencies to promote an extraordinary sense of wellbeing and stimulate cell rejuvenation.

Massage Treatment
Chenot Espace L'Albereta - Advanced Detox -Medical Aesthetic DEPARTMENT


The “natural look”, safety and personalised treatments are key pillars of our cosmetic approach to skincare, enabling you to promote the beauty within you. High-tech treatments target wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, body contouring, cellulite appearance and age-related changes to the skin.


Our highly skilled fitness professionals are available to design a personalised programme around your needs and ambitions.