Chenot Programmes

Our bespoke programmes have touched lives all over the world.

Starting from CHF 5’500, each 7-night programme combines diagnostic tests, medical consultations, individual treatments and the Chenot Diet® to help recover lost balance, to reset and reach your optimum vitality, physically and mentally.

Designed for a minimum of a 7-night stay, all our programmes are based on the Chenot Method® signature treatments and protocols. The accommodation price is additional and starts from CHF 410 per night.

Advanced Detox
CHF 5’500

Our signature Chenot programme aims to induce a deep purification and detoxification of the body to eliminate toxins, increase vitality, reset energy levels and rebalance its physiology.

Unleash the Self Healing Power of your Body

Seven days. Life-changing results. Chenot’s pillar programme has the power to transform long-established habits and supercharge health. The winner of the World’s Best Detox Programme in 2023 for the third year running, the Advanced Detox is globally acclaimed.

Recover & Energise
CHF 6’400

Created for those who are feeling fatigued from a demanding daily life, this programme reduces chronic stress and fatigue, improves restorative sleep and restores optimal energy levels.

Relax your Brain, Revitalise your Body

Take your health wellness to the next level. The Recover & Energise programme is enriched with specialised clinically-proven and patented neuroscience technology to provide profound stress relief and energise the deeper structure of the body.

Prevention and Ageing Well
CHF 7’100

Our most intense health span enhancing programme combines our signature detox with high-impact repair and rejuvenation for those who wish to delay the onset of biological ageing.

Act Today to Preserve Tomorrow

Develop resilience to lifestyle impacts and counteract the detrimental effects of biological aging. The Prevention & Ageing Well programme is designed to strengthen your body, restore functionality and improve its performance at any age.

Behind the Science

The Chenot Method®

Chenot Programmes