Chenot Espace L’albereta Programmes

The Chenot Espace at L’Albereta experience has been designed for you to enhance your vitality and reconnect with what truly matters: your wellbeing. Each of our programmes offers the opportunity to restore balance, develop your fitness or simply unwind. Whether you choose a 3-night Cleanse & Rebalance or our fully immersive flagship programme, the 7-night Advanced Detox, you’ll benefit from personalised service with medical wellness expertise at its heart. The accommodation price is additional and starts from € 510 per night.

World’s best detox programme


Our signature Chenot programme aims to induce a deep purification and detoxification of the body to eliminate toxins, increase vitality, reset energy levels and rebalance its physiology. Seven days. Life-changing results. Chenot’s pillar programme has the power to transform long-established habits and supercharge health. The winner of the World’s Best Detox Programme in 2023 for the third year running, the Advanced Detox is globally acclaimed.
As you race through the busy days of your life it can be easy to forget how important your health is and how much it needs attention. The De-Stress and Re-Charge programme offers the chance to reconnect with your body, reset healthy habits and top up depleted energy stores.
A gentler way to ‘do Chenot’, this programme encompasses educational medical and nutritional consultations, detoxifying treatments and revitalising energetic therapies to deliver profound benefits even during shorter stays. Cleanse & Rebalance is available as a programme of 3 or 4 days of treatments.


When seeking to delay the ageing process, there is no better place to start than an active lifestyle which trains the key organ of longevity: muscle. The Fitness Boost programme aims to proactively improve your body’s resilience to lifestyle challenges by promoting strength, flexibility and balance.