De-Stress & Re-Charge

Restore vitality and inner balance to enhance your body’s natural rhythms

As you race through the busy days of your life it can be easy to forget how important your health is and how much it needs attention. This programme offers the chance to reconnect with your body, reset healthy habits and top up depleted energy stores.


Minimum Night Stay

The benefits of this programme are only achievable with a minimum stay of 5 nights.


Kcal per day

The Chenot Biolight Diet favours nutritious whole grains, vegetables, proteins and limited fruit.


Diagnostics & Treatments

Our Chenot medical professionals tailor each programme to every guest’s exact needs.

De-Stress & Re-Charge

This programme aims to stimulate the body to recover and restore its vitality and energy levels. Specialised medical professionals evaluate individual needs and create a plan of effective, stress-reducing, and energy-enhancing treatments. De-Stress & Re-Charge is beneficial to those seeking to restore their inner balance and the body’s natural rhythms.

The nourishing Chenot Biolight Diet is prepared using cooking methods selected to preserve the nutritional value of food, further enhancing the journey to physical and mental health wellness.

€ 3,525

Programme Inclusions

EUR 3,525

Tailored treatments and a team of world-class professionals’ work in synergy to lead you to attain and maintain a state of wellness in your life for the years to come.

Unlimited access to the Technogym fitness centre, heated indoor swimming pool with garden view, Finnish sauna, and aromatic steam bath is also included.

A medical doctor will review your current health status and medical history, discuss your personal goals and prescribe all the necessary treatments to to promote the best possible results you can achieve.
Based on anthropometric, metabolic and diet related data, one of our dieticians will determine your nutritional status through an in-depth analysis of your daily diet needs. Any nutritional deficiencies in your diet will be highlighted to help restore your overall health and wellbeing.

In the Chenot Biolight Diet, the general scheme is the “dissociated diet” in which whole grains, vegetables, limited fruit and proteins are favoured and processed foods and refined fats are eliminated. The timing of certain foodgroups is important, with fruits included at breakfast or before meals, in order to prevent fermentation processes.

Biolight cooking prioritises the selection, preparation and processing of a wide variety of foods in order to produce healthy, nutritious, well-balanced and tasty meals. This culinary approach promotes healthy nutritional habits and aids weight management.

Using Resonance Analysis Technology, our state-of-the-art bio-energetic screening provides information about the energetic state of vital organs and the body’s functions, in relation to defined parameters of health. Gaining insight into your needs, an effective personalised treatment plan is prescribed to restore the energy balance of the body.
Personalised, bioenergetic signals are transmitted through laser conductivity points on the body to assist the restoration of its energetic balance. These treatment also offer a non-invasive cellular stimulation that promotes cellular rejuvenation processes.
The Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® provide you with a vitality score, an indication of your current rate of biological ageing. Diagnostics include: Body Composition Analysis, Arterial Stiffness Assessment, Stress Test and Oxidative Stress Assessment.
This biofeedback training strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system through effective breathwork. This brings calmness and relaxation in to the body and boosts health, resilience and vitality.
Using the very best essential oils, personalised ‘Chenot Elixirs’, are added to the bath water during the Hydro Massage. The variations in the water temperature and pressure, combined with the thermodynamic effect of plant extracts, cause the dilation and constriction of the capillaries. This action stimulates natural physiological functions to remove toxins and fat deposits from the skin tissue. It also combats the effects of skin ageing by favouring spontaneous cell regeneration, improving skin appearance and its overall peripheral blood and lymphatic circulation.
The second step of Chenot’s hydro-energetic treatment involves the application of a white and green clay body wrap, enriched with minerals, microalgae and pure essential oils. The combined effect of essential oils and minerals further drains, detoxifies and revitalises the body depending on the application time, helping to eliminate physical muscular and psychological stress tension.
In the final step of the hydro-energetic treatment, a pressure-jet adds a powerful cooling action to the thermal stimulus, tones and firms the skin, and improves peripheral circulation to restore energy.
These daily treatments aim to relieve and clear energy flow in the meridians, in turn re-energising the body. The use of ‘cupping’ stimulates the vagus nerve, re-equilibrates the energetic circulation and lymphatic system and improves blood circulation, promoting an extraordinary sense of wellbeing.