Face Mask

100% Natural




This nutrient-rich skin-perfecting mask elevates the speed and quality of cellular repair. Its innovative senolytic formula combines organic Swiss Alpine Rose extract, hyaluronic acid, and lactobionic acid to boost the skin’s natural renewal process and restore its microbiome.



Powerful Active Ingredients

Each potent ingredient is selected to promote skin health, like Baker’s Yeast, Unicellular Microalgae and Hyaluronic Acid that perform a detox action, strengthen the inter-connectivity of skin’s vascular and immune systems and provide deep, intense moisture.

To this we have added, Lactobionic Acid and Probiotic Complex, to accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process, restore skin’s microbiome, that provides effective anti-ageing benefits and immediate radiant-looking skin.

“Powered with Senolytic Formula based on organic Swiss Alpine Rose Extract: the groundbreaking result of the most advanced scientific research aimed at preventing and combatting the appearance of the signs of ageing skin.”



Improves skin texture


Combats the accumulation of senescent skin cells


Stimulates cell turnover


Replenishes intensive moisture


Restores radiance

Active Ingredients

Senolytic properties target the causes of oxidative damage responsible for cell senescence.

Strengthens the inter-connectivity of the skin’s vascular and immune systems.

Performs a detox action and improves the skin’s radiance.

Plumps the skin to provide deep, intensive moisture.

Gentle exfoliator and brightener, it helps improve skin tone and texture.

Stimulating cell renewal, eliminates dead cells, and significantly strengthens the skin barrier.

How to Use

Application Frequency

On cleansed, toned skin, apply generously 2–3 times a week over face and neck morning and evening.

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Application Duration

Leave the mask on for about 10–15 minutes.

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Gently remove any excess with a cotton pad and then rinse off with plenty of lukewarm water.

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Complete Your Routine

To complete the beauty routine, apply your favorite Chenot Essentials moisturiser.

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