Face Serum

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Our multi-functional, intensive face serum helps eliminate senescent cells deep within the dermal layers, supporting the skin’s natural renewal process. Along with organic Swiss Alpine Rose extract, powerful active ingredients include retinoid and bakuchiol for smoother, radiant-looking skin.



Powerful Active Ingredients

Each potent ingredient is selected to promote skin health, like Baker’s Yeast, Unicellular Microalgae and Hyaluronic Acid that perform a detox action, strengthen the inter-connectivity of skin’s vascular and immune systems and provide deep, intense moisture.

To this we have added, Lactobionic Acid and Probiotic Complex, to accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process, restore skin’s microbiome, that provides effective anti-ageing benefits and immediate radiant-looking skin.

“Powered with our Senolytic Formula based on the organic Swiss Alpine Rose Extract that significantly strengthens the skin’s resilience against senescent cells.”



Improves skin texture


Combats the accumulation of senescent skin cells

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Reduces wrinkle appearance


Improves hydration


The complexion radiates a fresh biological age

Active Ingredients

Senolytic properties target the causes of oxidative damage responsible for cell senescence.

Strengthens the inter-connectivity of the skin’s vascular and immune systems.

Performs a detox action and improves the skin’s radiance.

Plumps the skin to provide deep, intensive moisture.

A naturally derived retinol alternative and a radical scavenger with clinically proven benefits that smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while sealing in hydration.

How to Use


On cleansed, toned skin, apply 3–5 drops over face and neck morning and evening.



Spread a thin veil over skin, blending in small circles with a gentle tapping motion until the product disappears into skin.

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Complete Your Routine

To complete the beauty routine, apply your favorite Chenot Essentials moisturiser.

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