Chenot Functional Line

Professional Grade Skincare

An integral part of Chenot’s signature treatments, our Functional line provides powerful anti-ageing solutions. Our Functional Eye Contour Cream and Functional Eye Contour Booster reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. The 2-Step Anti-Ageing Mask, Activated Charcoal Transforming Mask and Revitalising Exfoliating Facial Scrub refine and lift the skin for visible results.

Chenot Cosmeceuticals Skincare Line

The foundation of the skin rejuvenation treatments applied in our centres, the Chenot Cosmeceuticals collection has been developed by experts in cosmetics, cell biology and dermatology. Formulated with powerful ingredients, the line actively prevents and corrects the processes of skin ageing.

Chenot Actifs

Massage is integral to the Chenot Method®. Our Actifs are the aromatic professional-grade emulsions used in our range of Chenot Energetic Massages. Enriched with pure natural essential oils, they deliver targeted relief for a range of needs.

Chenot Elixirs

Elevate your bath and shower routine with our therapeutic Elixirs. Used in our Hydro-aromatherapy treatments to activate the Chinese meridian lines, choose between restorative Yin, revitalising Yang, Calming Relax, and potent DTX.

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