Since 1970, our enduring mission has been to empower people to live longer, healthier lives.



The Birth of The Chenot Method®

Visionary founder, Henri Chenot opened the first iconic Espace Henri Chenot at the General Hospital in Cannes, where the first application of the Chenot Method® was applied.


Chenot Cosmeceuticals launches

Henri created a professional line of skincare products to be used during all his treatments.



Establishing Chenot’s Presence in Italy

Henri moved the Espace Henri Chenot to Solda, South Tyrol, Italy where it served both dedicated Chenot guests and regular hotel guests.

Chenot History


A New Home in Merano

Henri established a home for the Espace in Merano, Italy, first at the hotel ‘Villa Eden’, and then settling at Palace Merano.

Chenot History



Chenot Wins Woldwide Acclaim

Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot grew an extensive following from celebrities, personalities, musicians, actors and athletes coming from all over the world.


The Science of Living

Henri created “L’Accademia di Biontologia”, a new concept dedicated to studying the evolution of psycho-physical ageing.



Chenot Opens a New Destination in Italy

Building on the success at Palace Merano, Espace Chenot launches at L’Albereta, a Relais & Cháteaux hotel, in Erbusco, Italy, for what was to become an enduring and much valued partnership.


The First Immersive Health Wellness Retreat

After overwhelming demand Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot underwent a complete renovation to become fully dedicated to Chenot programmes.


Henri Enrolled in The Luiss University in Rome, Italy

Collaborating with Prof. Fontana and Prof. Gasparri, Henri taught the course ‘Executive Wellness Management and Innovation in the Wellness Industry, from start-up to the Management of a Centre’, referencing Espace Henri Chenot Merano, as the business model.



Accolade for Contribution to Wellness

Henri received the high accolade of ‘Grand’Ordine di Merito’ from the Province of Bolzano, recognising his contribution to wellness in the region of Alto Adige.


Second Generation of Chenot Cosmeceuticals

A new Chenot skincare line is launched, with innovative formulas based on scientific research.


Chenot Wellness Spa Opens in Africa

Espace Vitalitè Chenot launches at the Selman Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco.


A New Era of Science-Backed Wellness

Dr George Gaitanos joins Chenot as Chief Operating and Scientific Officer


Partner for International Development

Chenot announces a strategic partnership with Turkish conglomerate company ‘Dogus’, allowing for further development of the brand and international pipeline.


Chenot Brand Palace is Formed

Chenot Palace Gabala in Azerbaijan opens, signalling a new generation of properties dedicated to an immersive Chenot experience.


Chenot Group Headquarters Opens in Weggis

The headquarters for the Chenot Group are established in Weggis, Switzerland, a renowned wellness destination.


June 2020

Chenot Establishes Flagship Destination

Next-generation health wellness retreat, Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland opens receiving immediate international acclaim as one of the world’s leading wellness centres.

June 2022

Chenot Debuts New Molecular Lab

Driven by science, Chenot launches a revolutionary approach designed to combat premature ageing with ground-breaking epigenetic technology to analyse gene activity.