Chenot launches new “Detox from Home” Cookbook

The “Detox at Home” Cookbook opens one of the pillars of the Chenot Method® to all – providing an accessible way for people to enjoy the healthy yet delicious meals that are served as part of the Chenot Diet®. The recipes constitute a fast-mimicking diet which allows the body to focus on cell repair instead of production, promoting healthy ageing. 

Chenot Cookbook

The cookbook has been created by Chenot’s Executive Chef, Ettore Moliteo, in collaboration with the expert team of nutritional scientists at Chenot Palace Weggis, the brand’s flagship retreat – introducing the “Chenot Cookbook: Detox at Home.”

The Chenot Diet® is a fundamental element of The Chenot Method®, and previously has only been available at Chenot locations as part of their award winning seven-day programmes. The launch of the Chenot Cookbook: Detox at Home opens one of the pillars of The Chenot Method® to all – bringing the transformative power of The Chenot Diet® to your home for the price of 45 CHF. 

The recipes are curated to deliver around 850 calories in a day across three meals and should be followed for a maximum period of 7 days. Evidence-based research* recognises that periodically eating a low-calorie diet while still obtaining sufficient micronutrients is a vital component of long-term wellness and disease prevention and has potential longevity benefits.

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Chenot Cookbook, Soup receipe

Ettore Moliteo, Executive Chef at Chenot Palace Weggis says: “The Chenot Cookbook aims to provide a more accessible way for people to join in with one of the pillars to the Chenot Method. When guests come to Chenot, they are always amazed by how flavoursome, creative and visually appealing our dishes are, despite the calorie restriction, no salt and limited protein.

“We wanted to give people the opportunity to recreate this concept at home. The health promoting benefits of a fast-mimicking diet are amplified when followed periodically, so now they don’t need to wait until they are at a Chenot resort to reap the rewards. Ageing might be inevitable, but how we age is, to a great extent, in our hands – and the Chenot cookbook helps address this through what and how we eat.” Ettore Moliteo.

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The Chenot Diet® aligns with seasonal cycles, emphasising the use of organic, local ingredients. The cookbook presents four distinct seven-day detox menus, each tailored to a specific season. While Chenot advises periodic adherence to the full seven-day plan due to calorie restrictions, individual recipes can seamlessly integrate into your regular healthy lifestyle.

For those practicing Chenot at home, the fasting approach can be flexibly adopted through Intermittent Energy Restriction (IER). This entails following the recipes for one or two days a week, offering a more cautious entry for newcomers or those not ready for the full programme, and can be incorporated more frequently than the seven-day plan.

Additional modifications to the seven-day diet may involve integrating a “fasting day” within the diet cycle, requiring the consumption of zero calories for a 30–32-hour period.

The Chenot Cookbook “Detox from Home” is available for order:

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* The Fast-Mimicking Diet (FMD) has been the subject of scientific research, and several studies have investigated its potential benefits in humans. Here are a few key references that provide insights into the benefits of the FMD: 

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