Henri Chenot

Henri Chenot, a life dedicated to beauty and wellbeing

Henri Chenot is the founder of the Chenot Group.

Born on 25 March 1943 of Catalan origin, but French by adoption, Henri Chenot studied Biology at the Research Centre for Marine Biology, adjoining the Sorbonne in Banyuls-Sur Mer with a particular interest in Anthropology, Philosophy and Chinese Medicine (which he went on to study for over ten years), as well as Bio-Energetic Psychology and Naturopathy (natural remedies to cure illnesses).

In the early seventies, Henri Chenot created the first of a series of phytocosmetics and phytotherapy laboratories, demonstrating new thalassotherapy techniques to other scientists. His revolutionary approach opened new frontiers in cosmetics.

As president and founder of the International Phytocosmetics Association, Chenot began to travel Europe to illustrate, through numerous conferences, his own idea of preventive healthcare stressing the importance of nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle and use of natural remedies.

He obtained a master's degree and a doctorate in Psychology and a "Honoris Causa" doctorate in Human Sciences from the University of Kensington.

"You need to live in harmony with yourself to be in good health" - Henri Chenot

In 1974, Henri Chenot opened the first Espace Henri Chenot at the Cannes Polyclinic and in the early 1980s transferred to South Tyrol, where he inaugurated the Espace Henri Chenot in Merano.

In 1999, Henri Chenot created Biontology, a new concept for studying the effects of the ageing process. He has developed the famous Chenot Method as a result of his forty years of experience. He founded the Academy of Biontology in 2004 and the Biontology Research Laboratory in 2008. 

Confrontarmi con i miei simili è la scelta che più amo

- Henri Chenot -


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