Chenot Cosmétique: ethics & safety

Thanks to constant investment and the use of multidisciplinary technologies such as herbal medicine and biotechnology, Chenot Cosmétique and its team of researchers studied with great commitment of the new opportunities to improve the appearance of the skin, counteracting the process of cellular aging and photoaging other specific issues.

The continuous progress in research and innovation can constantly update Chenot Cosmétique, which boasts the most suitable treatments to actively prevent aging, maintaining and preserving results for a longer time.

Chenot Cosmétique treatments  are based on a deep understanding of the mechanisms that regulate the skin.

Since the 70s, Henri Chenot - founder of the Group - was a pioneer in phytocosmetics, exploring new frontiers still valid to prevent the effects of skin aging time maintaining a youthful, firm and radiant.

Based on this wealth of knowledge, Chenot research has never stopped.

New technologies such as cellular and molecular biology are an integral part of every treatment Chenot Cosmétique - achieving maximum synergy and effective results.

Today Chenot Cosmétique offers a full range of treatments to meet the specific needs of the skin.

The elimination of toxins until the assimilation of nutrients and cell renewal, Chenot offers customized solutions in which biotechnology coexist with nature, in perfect synergy, enhancing the result.

Strong values ​​of effectiveness, ethics and security, Chenot Cosmétique observes the strictest criteria that respect the environment and protect the skin's physiological balance.

The systems of packaging and dispensing of the product - predominantly airless - allow to reduce to a minimum the bacteriological contamination and the use of preservatives.


NO Parabens - Synthetic Dyes and Fragrances - Petrochemicals Derivatives - GMOs - Sulfates - Phthalates - Triclosan.

To protect the well-being of the skin from all points of view, Chenot Cosmétique chose PERFECTION and WARRANTY MADE IN SWITZERLAND


Chenot Cosmétique 3 phases


The Detox Line is associated with the  ELIMINATION phase, stimulates the natural purification process through the elimination of toxins and micro-waste that accumulate in the connective tissue. These products strengthen the skin's natural ability to neutralise harmful environmental and behavioural agents which cause cell impoverishment and skin aging.


The Nutrigen Line follows the principles of the ASSIMILATION phase. They encourage the activation of cell metabolism processes by providing micro-nutrition, oxygenation, hydration and vitamin and mineral rebalancing on a daily basis, which are essential for the proper functioning of the skin’s cells. They combat the first signs of skin aging and are specifically formulated to soothe even the most sensitive skin.


The Regenage Line completes the other two cycles and actively participates in the REGENERATION phase. These products have a strong impact on the quality of the epidermal tissues and their exceptional regenerating anti-aging properties help correct the signs of aging, including deep wrinkles, expression lines, loss of tone and age spots. They counteract the sagging skin caused by the hormonal imbalances of the menopause.

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