World’s Best Detox Programme 2023

Chenot Palace Weggis proudly announces its remarkable feat of winning the prestigious ‘World’s Best Detox Programme 2023’ award at the World Spa Awards. This victory marks the third consecutive year of being recognised for excellence.

The Chenot Advanced Detox Programme is at the heart of this achievement, harnessing the body’s innate self-healing capabilities by facilitating profound cellular detoxification and purification. This process equips your body to confront various lifestyle challenges that can influence the pace of biological aging while extending your healthspan.

Distinguished by the proprietary Chenot Method, the programme is meticulously tailored for each guest through comprehensive medical consultations, cutting-edge diagnostic assessments, and targeted therapies. It is complemented by a low-calorie, plant-based dietary plan and is administered over a minimum duration of seven days.

The World Spa Awards are dedicated to honoring and acknowledging outstanding contributions to the world of spa and wellness tourism. Award recipients are celebrated globally as paragons of excellence. Chenot’s Advanced Detox Programme, as the World’s Best Detox, is designed to enhance not only the length but the quality of life.

Dr. George Gaitanos, Chief Scientific and Operating Officer at Chenot, shares his thoughts: “We are deeply appreciative of this recognition as the World’s Best Detox for the third consecutive year. It underscores our commitment to advancing the understanding and application of the science of aging.”

He adds, “The purpose of detoxification extends beyond weight loss; it revolves around supporting a fundamental bodily function, the elimination of cellular waste, and the restoration of damage. Chenot is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthier, extended lives. We continuously evolve our Method, informed by established and emerging scientific insights, to ensure we deliver the most cutting-edge and evidence-based treatments.”

Programme Highlights: The Advanced Detox Programme is founded on the ‘Chenot Method,’ a well-established detoxification approach blending treatments and diets formulated by Henri Chenot.

The Chenot Method consists of five interrelated disciplines designed to reset cellular health and optimise healthspan:

Diet: A plant-based regimen that excludes sugar, caffeine, and salt, limited to 850 calories daily. The Chenot Diet supplies essential vitamins and nutrients while temporarily prioritising cellular repair over growth.

Hydro: A fusion of Hydro-Aromatherapy and Phyto-Mud wrapping aimed at alleviating physical and mental stress, regulating metabolic rates, firming and toning the skin, and enhancing natural drainage.

Massage: Incorporates various massage techniques, including electro-stimulated cupping, enhancing blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, fluid and energy flow to organs, and stimulating the Vagus Nerve for digestion, heart rate, respiration, and immune system support.

Energetic Treatments: Encompasses traditional and laser acupuncture to invigorate cellular processes and restore natural equilibrium.

Personalisation: Comprehensive medical consultations and advanced diagnostics, known as Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers, evaluate the impact of lifestyle on Health Wellness and enable tailored treatment programmes.